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We also advise you to take advantage of the Superdrug voucher code uk , to take advantage of excellent savings. Plus, you have your own kitchen and bathroom… which eliminates worst aspects of staying in hostels filthy bathrooms, appalling communal kitchen spaces, etc totally from your travel experience. Airbnb has opened up a whole new world of accommodation options to backpackers. Now, in just about every single country one can find unique, affordable places to crash.

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You can probably guess where this apartment is…. Longterm rentals are a great way to stretch your travel bucks further and can actually work out cheaper than staying in a hostel since hostels very rarely have any kind of long term discount available. Many people do not know about these secret Airbnb tricks. If you are a digital nomad who works out of a string of different apartments throughout the year, then long term Airbnb rentals are a gift from the backpacker gods.

Seriously, in the old days, finding a long term apartment rental in Vietnam or Paris or Mexico City was complicated, involved lots of paperwork, and required you to speak the local language if you had any hope of getting a good deal. Thankfully those days are behind us and now digital nomads and long-term travelers can easily rent Airbnb apartments for months at a time with just a few clicks. Ah, the 21st century. Working from a sick Airbnb rental in Thailand.

You heard about these epic castles, windmills, and treehouses offered on Airbnb. The question is, how does one find them in a vast ocean of bland apartment listings? It used to be that Airbnb did not offer a way to search for specific types of unique property listings. If you did find an awesome treehouse or hobbit cabin to stay in, it was because one simply lucked out. Perhaps one of the best arguments for using the Airbnb platform is the wide variety of unusual and interesting accommodation options on offer. Most backpackers I know would prefer to stay in a sick treehouse over a hotel room any day of the week… It was finding your way to the sick treehouse that was the issue….

Now, things have changed at it is now easier than ever to discover that perfect vintage boat, quirky treehouse, simple bush hut, stunning lighthouse, haunted train car, etc that you have always dreamed about staying in. Once you decide on a specific region or city you can use the filter function to search for the specific property type you are interested in.

What is your dream accommodation? Only one way to find out… start searching! Honestly, there may be no better way to use your Airbnb coupon code than staying in a river-side tipi for a couple of nights. Finding unique accommodation is easy now thanks to the Airbnb filter function…. If there is one thing that I have learned over the course of my travels it is this: you never know the answer to a question until you ask.

So when you have used up your Airbnb coupon code, then what?

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Is the discount party over? Not necessarily…. As far as Airbnb hosts are concerned, you do have the option to straight up ask for an Airbnb discount directly from them. When you are looking over a particular listing or property, you can send the host a message directly, before you actually are required to book or pay.

In all likelihood, the host will prefer to give you a little Airbnb discount rather than totally missing out on your business, especially if you are traveling during the low backpacker season of any given country. Here is a little line that has worked for me a few times to score a special discount directly from an Airbnb host:.

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I am traveling around your beautiful country and a few nights at your place is exactly what I need to recharge my batteries. I am wondering if it would be possible for you to give me a small discount towards my stay at your place as I am a backpacker with a slightly limited budget… Thanks so much in advance!

Tell the host you have been hitchhiking and maybe they will give you a tasty discount…. If you have money to invest, you might seriously consider setting up an Airbnb empire — a lot of people are making a fortune. Have an awesome spot like this back home? Become an Airbnb Host! Now, in destinations all over the world, you can book an Airbnb Experience, which actually has little to do with Airbnb apart from the company being a sort of third party platform to connect interested parties with any given activity.

There is literally an Airbnb Experience activity for every traveler. Think skydiving in New Zealand, paragliding in Colombia, wine tasting in Bordeaux, temple exploring in India; the options are endless. If you have done a bit of traveling before, then you know that not all accommodation is created equal. On occasion, you end up booking a lousy Airbnb apartment and it really leaves a bad taste in your mouth. At this point, I have stayed at dozens of different Airbnb apartments and there have only been one or two in all of that time that was straight-up bad and uncomfortable. Here are some of my top tips and things to consider when preparing to use your hard-earned credit gained through using our Airbnb discount code.

I know that it can be tempting to book the first awesome-looking place you see straight out of the gate, though this approach can cause to miss hidden gems lurking a few rows below. Likewise, different Airbnb listings offer vastly different amenities. It is always worth checking out if the apartment has wifi, a parking spot if you have a rental car , a place to cook if you want to cook , comes with clean towels, toilet paper most should! In terms of price comparison, certain Airbnb hosts charge ridiculous cleaning fees which can quickly double or triple the actual cost per night. Coupon Codes

We live in a review-based world, which means if people have had terrible experiences at a certain Airbnb apartment, the whole world can now know about it. You can get a pretty good idea of what to expect from a place by reading the reviews. I have dodged more than a few bullets by taking one extra minute to read the reviews of a place I was just about to book. Seriously, take the time to read the reviews and you will save your self the trouble of landing in a terrible apartment or a great apartment operated by a terrible host.

At the same time, if any given property has 50 awesome reviews and one long, ranting, angry review, it is likely to be the case of one exceptionally sensitive person having one exceptionally bad day. People seem to leave long, rambling, emotional reviews not because the apartment they stayed at was horrible, but because the individual who left the review is in fact horrible. This is not always the case of course, but it is important to filter for those sort of reviews anyhow.

Read the reviews so you know exactly what you are getting into…. This tip is pretty self-explanatory, but alas I will elaborate. Thanks to Airbnb, backpackers now have the opportunity to actually stay in the kinds of places that once were only fantastical abstractions. Treehouses, yurt camps, adobe huts, castles, windmills, boats, old train cars, school buses, planes, igloos, farm stays, hobbit houses, futuristic bubble domes, submarines not really submarines, just making sure you are still paying attention rank among some of the coolest Airbnb options to lay your head.

You can always stay in some generic apartment building? But when will you get the chance to stay in an epic windmill overlooking a sea of tulips again? Over the course of the last several years, I have been extremely fortunate t0 stay at some truly epic Airbnb rentals.