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We will assist you as well, with what and what not to say to your perspective employer.

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I can tell you as a shop owner, if an individual came into our shop with knowledge in these critical categories we would have hired him in a heartbeat. I chose the categories in this course because they cover the things a locksmith must know and will do on a daily bases. The illustrated exercises in your manual and workbook are designed to assure that you will have a complete understanding of the technical skills that are vital to your success as a Locksmith; while at the same time guarding against information overload, or commonly known as a waste of time.

If being self-employed is not something you feel you could do at this time, another excellent opportunity for you would be to apply for employment with a large company working in their maintenance department. With these locksmithing skills on your resume you would almost to be guaranteed a position. Over the many years of training I have had thousands of individuals purchase our training program for exactly this purpose.

As you probably know however, it is always more profitable to work for yourself. Listed below is our entire training program. This is a cut away lock which you will use for practicing the art of lock picking, Lock Rekeying and Master keying. I have strived to make our locksmith training program the best hand-on and visually based program in the country ,We have taken the best locksmith training material from every program across the web, including printed material and have compiled it into one complete course at an affordable price.

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Lock cylinder design In this first segment we look at the inside of various lock cylinders giving you a good understanding of how all standard locks function on the inside. It is important to have this understanding before one can effectively begin the process of picking a lock. Lock preparation In this segment we establish some guidelines for preparing the lock cylinder for picking. Also giving you a in depth description of each of the nine tools in the HPC pick set as well as the southern ordinance stainless steel set that comes with the course.

Picking techniques There is only a hand full of various techniques used to open most any lock, in this section we will be covering each of them. There is also a "what if I can't pick it section"; some locksmiths would like you to believe they are a cross between James Bond and Houdini but that's not the Real World. Pick selection In this segment we go through the process of choosing the proper picks and tension wrench used in the picking process based on the various types of lock cylinders. This section is critical to your success. Plug spinner function In this segment we cover the proper use and function of the RY57 Plug spinner.

Pick gun techniques There are as many techniques in properly using a Pick gun as there is in using a pick set. They are all covered in this segment. Learning to properly use a pick gun is an essential skill, and can save your bacon on a tough lockset and make you money. Real World Locksmiths Most locksmith courses have very little real world environment footage. In section seven of this course we take all of the tools shown on this video segment and give them to various locksmiths, with no prior coaxing they are asked to pick various locks. You will see every locksmith has his own style; but all will use all of the techniques I will teach you in this course.

Because of the skill and additional techniques required to be proficient in this area, I felt it important to share with you more in depth the process and techniques of lock picking.

Lvs Full Locksmith training program, "With tools".

Below are still shots from this video. Lock cylinder removal and assembly In this segment we cover the cylinder removal and assembly of a wide variety of commercial and residential lock set's. The many uses for shimstock. This section covers the proper use of shim stock in the cylinder removal process; in addition I cover multiple uses for this essential locksmith tool.

I will teach you multiple ways to remove the plug from the lock housing when the old key is not available. Using the LAB multi pin kit.

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This section covers the use of the LAB multi pin kit and its 20 pinning charts. Tips and tricks. This is one of the most valuable segments in this series. Depth keys enable you to code cut keys to master key systems, file cabinet locks and many other types of locks without having an expensive code machine, also covered in this course is the HPC MC code machine, one of the finest code machines on the market today.

This is a true art and a required skill in becoming a first class Locksmith. The art of Impressioning, when learned properly will be an asset to you throughout your entire career. This course clearly shows you the tools you will need and the various methods used in key Impressioning. This is a skill used extensively in making keys to cars, file cabinet locks; virtually all wafer and pin tumbler locks and will save you a enormous amount of time and money. Most locksmiths will build a small website or run an ad in the Yellow Pages and starve for their first two years.

With this system you will be up and running quickly guaranteed, if you follow our manual. Ninety percent of the success of any business is knowing what not to do. Everything from purchasing the wrong inventory or tools to staying away from certain advertising that does not produce jobs.

Regarding Van setup : In this section of the course you actually see and learn how to set up your vehicle everything from the inverter, battery isolator to cabinets to your workbench and key machines. My personal opinion is this one course is worth the cost of my entire program. Once you have learned the handful of skills it takes to make money in this business it will all be about good marketing.

Locksmiths that can go in to a large to medium size company and set up a Master key system will not only make a large sum of money for their expertise but will have a life time account. This course section teaches you to do just that. If you are purchasing our training material for your company, this video will enable your maintenance department to key and maintain the master keying systems within your facilities.

For those of you that do not want to work for yourself, having gone through our training program and having this training will guarantee a top paying job with any company. Locksmithing is a winner no matter how you look at it, whether you choose to be self-employed or not. In our manual you will find computerized master keying charts and 3 sets of code cut keys to learn this process. This course teaches you to change safe combinations with the Key Dex safe change key set as well as hand changing safe combos and safe dial manipulation. You will find that many commercial businesses use these types of locks as opposed to using a key function.

We cover installing and programming. I personally have used their car opening tools for over 30years, they are the best. Opening cars is a large part of what a locksmith does from time to time,however I would not rely upon it because car jobs are usually one time shots. They are not repeat business, unlike a good property management company or large real estate company that will use you multiple times a week.

I teach you in my course to go where the money is. It only takes a hand full of good accounts to earn a substantial income. As well as how to install cam locks on commercial custom cabinets; a costly mistake if not done properly. You actually see one being installed from start to finish as well as the use of a kwikset jig. I show you ways to install them if you do not have access to a jig.

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I cover many things I have learned the hard way having installed thousands. You might say I cover a lot of things you should never do. Knowing what not to do is over half the battle. This will save you an enormous amount of money by not purchasing unnecessary inventory or purchasing to many of one product. This list is very extensive; it covers everything from cam locks to key blanks. Having the proper equipment and supplies on your vehicle will enable you to do your jobs quickly and efficiently, which equals more money.

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Half the battle is knowing what and what not to purchase and what quantities. When I first started out in this business a list like this could have saved me plenty. In hindsight its value would have been in the thousands, this list is included in your manual.

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All of the Photos on this page are actual still shots from the video portion of our Locksmith training program. Introduction To the Locksmith industry. Locksmith Fire Codes and wiring requirements. Locksmith Licensing requirements. Locksmith Trade organizations. Locksmith Trade shows. Locksmith Workbook. Locksmith Manual. Local and online locksmith Suppliers. Laying out Master keying charts.

Commercial Master keying.

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Residential Master keying. Commercial Master key charts. Master keying Software and systems.

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Inventory tools and Supply list. Van setup Master keying the I. Making an I. Core schlage Change key. Un - Master pinning. Key blank identification. Clients can use locksmith services to changer their locks and keys, install new electronic locks, high-security features, and door closers. From the merchant: Automotive, commercial and residential locksmith services in Chicago IL and Suburbs. From the merchant: This coupon covers the service call For House-unlocking, Car-unlocking, house re-keying, lock changing, And more….

From the merchant: this coupon covers the service call For House unlocking, car unlocking, house re-keying, lock changing, And more…. From the merchant: Experienced property management firm - now offering direct residential handyman services!