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Deals on Wheels: How to Buy, Sell & Finance Used Mobile Homes for Big Profits and Cash Flow

If you are making repairs or upgrades to a manufactured home or just want to know how to save money on your utility bills, this is the best mobile home repair book for you. Dan suggested that I read ' Dealmakers Guide' that will be the next read.

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Every mobile home should have skirting and in most parts of the country, it is the law. Less invasive and expensive than a complete re- roofing, mobile home roof overs can dramatically increase the curb appeal, function, and comfort of your home. The Mobile Home Skirting Guide.

Because porches are built externally to the mobile home, moving the mobile home becomes a much more complicated. If the roof on your mobile home is beginning to show its age, consider correcting the problem with a roof over.

Deals on Wheels: How To Buy Sell, and Finance Used Mobile Homes for Big Profits and Cash Flow

Net photos gallery. There are several different kinds of materials you can use to skirt your home. I am very much interested in mobile home parks but know little about them. Welcome to the wonderful world of Wheelestate!

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I purchased Lonnie Scruggs first two books and enjoyed reading them. Your primary options are to sell via the traditional retail market, which functions similarly to selling a home, or to sell through the wholesale market, where a broker will directly purchase your home for a wholesale price. This home is a sq. While I sat my lonely ass on the rail, looking at the wreckage and wondering how the heck to get back on the line, it made me wonder what I needed to do to win in being an entrepreneur.

I found my answer. The biggest enemy I had lived between my ears. Now after jumping into an internet-based businesses I found something I love. You may find an opportunity that will give you what you came to this page for. Just check it out!

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Scruggs served eleven years in the Navy but spent most of his life as a real estate investor. He owned, rented, managed, and maintained his own rental properties for 35 years, then began selling his properties and buying discounted notes and mortgages.

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When good notes became hard to buy, he created his own notes and developed a system for buying, selling, and financing used mobile homes. J Scott is a Maryland investor that posted an article about Lonnie Deals on his blog a few years ago.

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He described the Lonnie Deal as a form of real estate investing involving the purchase of mobile homes in a mobile home park. Investors carry out minor rehabs and then sell the home to the new occupant, financing the sale meaning that the investor acts as the bank or lender and receives monthly payments from the buyer, usually over a period of five years or less.

Lonnie Deal Used Mobile Home Investing Pros And Cons

A buyer who stops paying on the loan or moves out and skips town leaves the seller with all of the cash from the payments and the freedom to turn around and sell the mobile home to a new owner, again with financing. The idea is that as buyers default on their loans, the seller can keep re-selling the mobile home, over and over. However, the Special Report is available at LonnieScruggs. The Special Report covers permissible interest rates and permissible number of annual deals; when to use a mortgage broker; rules on buyer qualification and advertising; and consequences of violating the Dodd-Frank rules.

It includes a special report on new rules for selling mobile homes with seller financing for compliance with Dodd-Frank. This also includes the special report for doing deals in compliance with Dodd-Frank.

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The materials were updated in The book is a follow-up to Deals on Wheels. It includes the same contracts and forms as in Deals on Wheels. It includes eight audio CDs with seven hours of material, a manual, figures, case histories, and a forms CD. There are a couple of videos on YouTube of Lonnie Scruggs. The Facebook link on his website goes to the page of Cash Flow Depot, a site of real estate investing ideas, tips, strategies, and products.