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The road is my complex and a tent in a local campground often substitutes as company housing. Yet the marvelous music and masquerading costumes don't cloak the fact this is very much a real job. I arise early most mornings to attend meetings, discuss numbers, plan for events and define expectations. I adhere to a strict schedule, follow a uniform code, meet professional standards and constantly learn, practice and memorize music.

And, I have every weekend of my year booked, sometimes spanning long distances between events.

10th Annual Sherwood Forest Faire

In April, for example, it'll be Los Angeles one weekend, Philadelphia the next. I never thought this is where my music career would take me. I knew I never wanted to be a classical performer. I wasn't satisfied with the idea of being a music teacher or a music therapist or a composer. And that seemed like the extent of my options. In , however, I canceled all of my plans one Saturday in November for the final audition of the Bay Area Renaissance Festival season. I showed up with my violin and landed the position of "Village Fiddler.

I immediately immersed myself in the world of folk music, meeting musicians who were hospitable, loving, and more than happy to have any instrument join them.

Sherwood Forest Faire 2018

And only two weeks in to my very first season as a "Rennie," The Jackdaws hired me to join them on the road that summer. Now, in my third year on the road, I have travelled nearly 75, miles to 13 major U. My favorite so far? The Bay Area festival, however, always will hold a special place in my heart. It's where I was first introduced to a world of musicians I've desired to be within since I started my life in music.

Other musicians should learn from them. In a cultural world that seems to have lost its appreciation for instrumental music especially of the classical variety , we should not be at each others' throats. When people only have one life to live in music, they should not rend music-making harder by being in constant competition. Be kind to your fellow musicians, offer them support and love when they need it, help them learn and grow.

This way, the music we make together will be even more special for us and the audience that relishes it. The greatest and most important part of my job involves coming together with the performers at each faire some of whom are very close friends I often see on the road to create a magical experience people eagerly await all year to enjoy. Register today before space runs out! We offer students a safe, fun, educational, and enriching experience as we encourage campers to explore new friendships, tackle new obstacles, and discover individual talents and creative abilities.

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Borgfeld Dr. Suite 1, San Antonio, TX Sign up today — space is limited! NVC Community Education is a great place to learn!

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In one week, campers will learn the basics of their chosen instrument, form a band, write and perform an original song, culminating in a showcase at the end of the week. We create leadership opportunities, cultivate a supportive community of peers and mentors, encourage social change, and develop meaningful life skills. Your email address will not be published. About The Author.